Make an Impact With Our New French Kraft Paper

We are happy to announce our latest product; 18PT French Kraft Paper. It offers a rustic appearance as it's 30% recycled.

We’re excited to announce our latest paper stock; 18PT French Kraft paper stock. This paper provides a light brown color with natural fibers along with visible flecks, giving it an organic feel and look. The uncoated smooth finish is one-of-a-kind providing excellent print quality, and it is 30% recycled, giving it a rustic and warmth eco-friendly appeal.

Optional white ink is able to be applied to a specific area or all over, giving you the flexibility to brighten and add contrast to the images.

Keep in mind, when selecting French Kraft, this paper is recycled and colored which may offer a slight color variation due to the materials that were used in manufacturing the stock. Additionally, the flecks in the paper will vary as well from sheet to sheet and press run to press run.

French Kraft Paper:

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