October 5th is World Teacher’s Day, also known as International Teacher’s Day. Here are some of our favorite ways to recognize our community’s teachers.

5 Ways to Recognize International Teacher’s Day

Fall is here, which means the school year is in full force and teachers are working hard to impart their knowledge to students. World Teacher’s Day, also known as International Teacher’s Day, is held annually on October 5th.

Beginning in 1994, the celebration aims to raise awareness of the important role teachers play all over the world and commemorates them for their contributions to society. It also aims to mobilize support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will be met by teachers.

Here are some of our favorite ways to recognize our community’s teachers.

For the Coffee Lovers

Gift baskets are never a bad idea, especially when coffee is involved. Find a funky mug and drop the gift card to their favorite coffee spot in there along with a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans and a couple sticks of biscotti.

For Their Set of Bookworms

A classroom set of bookmarks will help teachers keep their students on the right page. Bookmarks aren’t just for English classes either. Not only can a bookmark be used as a practical placeholder for their books, its canvas can host educational information, such as commonly misspelled word, introducing Spanish vocabulary, multiplication tables, or converting one of the bookmark’s edges into a ruler.

For the Thoughtful Ones

Teachers give a lot of feedback. Make their letters stand out with their very own personalized notecards. Incorporate fun patterns, prints, and typography that’s sure to highlight their personality.

Customized teacher note cards is the perfect gift that can be used to recognize your community’s teachers.

For Those Who Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

If you’re looking to do something a little more fun and creative, try teacher trading cards. Add a photograph of the teacher with his or her name on one side. On the back, you can list their “stats,” such as the grade level taught, the years spent working in this profession, their hobbies, and even a fun fact about them. Teachers will get a kick out of this memento, and students will clamor to receive one.

For the Green Thumbs

Flowering and non-flowering plants are a great gift for the classroom. Orchids are ideal as a long lasting gift; once it finishes blooming, it does not die. Rather, it enters a resting period. With proper care, orchid owners can help their orchids bloom again and again. For those looking for a hardier plant, succulents are the perfect gift. Because they are notoriously low maintenance, they are perfect even for the person with a less-than-green thumb. Unique and practical, succulent arrangements come in all shapes and sizes.

Bonus Tip:
Add a hang tag with a heartfelt note such as “Thanks for helping me grow!” or “Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever!”

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