Additional Print Products You May Not Know We Offer

As a leading online printer, we offer a large selection of printed products including business cards, Every Door Direct Mail® postcards, letterhead, postcards and more. But are you aware we also offer a large selection of other products you may be interested in?

We provide a number of products that you may not know of. Below we discuss some of these high-quality print products.

Premium Print Materials


We’ve made it easy for you to print custom posters. They are perfect for effectively promoting and advertising your business, special event, products or a message! Everyone loves posters. Carpet a whole area, so potential customers see your message. They are great for schools too.

Custom Stickers

Printing custom stickers continue to be a great marketing tool for any business or personal use. Our stickers are printed on a premium quality 70LB stock. Printed on crack-n-peel paper backing, they are available in a large selection of shapes and sizes. Choose from our square, rectangle, an oval sticker with a variety of printing option. We even offer bumper stickers.

Stickers can be used for product packaging, gifts, scrapbooking, stationary, decorations, school handouts and can be used to display support for your political candidate. The uses are endless, so it is time to get creative!

Business Envelopes

Creating classic custom-designed envelopes are essential to stand out among the sea of mail. That’s why it’s critical to send out high quality, custom business envelopes. You need envelopes that speak to your brand standards. Offered with Uncoated Linen or Uncoated Smooth White. They are available with and without windows, in an array of sizes; some are even available with side flap openings. Utilizing our quality printed envelopes is a sure way to leave a lasting impression.

Envelope printing is a great way to get your name and brand in front of customers. Additionally, you'll stand out in the mailbox.

Thick Business Cards

Looking for a business card that will stand out and get noticed? Well, we’ve got the right business card for you: the 32PT thick business cards called The ModCard. It’s our thickest paper option available, and it’s at a fraction of the price of our competitors. The ModCard is made up of three layers of premium uncoated paper stock that’s glued together, making the card 32PT thick! The center stock is black, which provides a distinctive edge. They are also available in postcards.

Along with the ModCard, we also offer a 32PT business card with color edges! Ready to take your business card game to the next level? We’re excited to release its 32PT Uncoated Painted Edge business card.

Printed Flyers

Custom printed flyers are considered a powerful marketing tool! Did you realize that they are cost-effective, yet a practical way to market a business? They can be handed out quickly and easily at fundraisers, business events, special events, or seminars with important information and details. Today, it’s essential to get your business message and brand in the hands of possible customers, but, it is just as vital to making sure that each custom flyer is of the best quality. Our flyers are offered with a variety of styles and finishes.


Share unique and thoughtful notes with your personalized notepads. They are a great way to emphasize your contact information and message to potential customers. Utilize your notepads as leave-behinds, giveaways, or additional material in a presentation folder. The uses for them are endless, ranging from to-do lists to personal stationary. Printsocial offers two types of notepads: a 70lb uncoated linen notepad and a 70lb uncoated smooth white notepad.

Trading Cards

Are you searching for a memorable promotional item for you and your business? Printing trading cards can be the option. Pass them along to clients and potential customers or create them for sports teams, special occasions, pets, and volunteers. We offer a large selection of printing options including Spot UV, Silk Laminated, Uncoated, Glossy UV and more. Additional options include selecting the coating, printed sides, and size to help make each trading card design one-of-a-kind. Our graphic designers will be happy to help you.

Printing custom trading cards are great for personal or business use.

Table Tents

They’re ideal for promoting a special event, business, service or products. Table Tents are most commonly used for nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and additional establishments. Not only can printing table tents be used for marketing, but they can also be used at events or parties as centerpieces. Select from our two printing options: Matte or Glossy UV coated.


Capture the mind of readers by printing custom bookmarks. Do you have a fundraiser or an event? Custom bookmarks are a great and friendly way to reach a specific crowd. Promote an event, a particular cause or business with your printed bookmarks. They can be used as insert coupons, tear-off tickets, or to advertise an upcoming event. Select from a large selection of sizes, printing options, and paper stock to make them even more customizable!

As you can see, we offer a large selection of print products for personal or business use. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our printed products.

Kevin Druckenbrod

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