InkTank is a blog series that highlights unique and creative ways to utilize print. Readers are encouraged to th”ink” outside the box.
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InkTank: Trading Cards

Custom Matte Finish Trading Cards

4 Creative Alternatives for Using Trading Cards Trading Cards are an affordable and fun way to advertise or announce something, whether it’s for family and friends or co-workers and clients. Traditionally, they are used for sporting events, sports teams, and for promoting a business’s products and services. However, when you think outside the box there are a […]

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InkTank: Yard Signs

Creative Uses for Yard Signs

Yard signs may be a throwback to those dreaded days when your parents made you wake up at the crack of dawn to start rolling out the goods for the Saturday morning yard sale. While yard signs are ideal for neighborhood second-hand shopping, they pack so much more potential. Not Your Mama’s Yard Signs Direct Party Guests  Whether […]

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InkTank: Unique Uses for Hang Tags

Creative Uses for Hang Tags

Hang tags, commonly used as price tags and product information tags, are the latest product to be put under the microscope. How can this little card with a hole be helpful to people outside of their normal uses? Mason Jar Tags A customer came to us with an idea for a tea party she was […]

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InkTank: Wedding Ideas

Unique Ways to Incorporate Print into your Wedding.

With wedding season right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about those small details that can add so much personality to your wedding. Everyone knows you need a save-the-date and an invitation, but what you may not realize is that there are a ton of additional printed items you can take […]

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InkTank: Creative Uses for Business Cards

InkTank is a blog series that highlights unique and creative uses for print products. We encourage readers to th”ink” outside the box when it comes to your next print project. The following post shines the spotlight on business cards and shows how our clients are using the traditional product in modern and unique ways. The […]

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