Designing a baby announcement can be extremely fun for new parents. There is no reason to not give baby announcements the custom treatment. We've included some helpful tip for creating a baby girl announcement.

How to Design a Beautiful Baby Girl Announcement

Although baby announcements are something people will expect from you, making them doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, designing them can be extremely fun for new parents. This is where as a new parent, you get to brag a bit. You get to indulge your pride in your little bundle of joy. There is no reason to not give baby announcements the custom treatment.

Baby Announcement Design Tips

The Color Pink

Pink is the shorthand way to signal “It’s a girl!” This can leave some people feeling stymied as to how to be creative when the color scheme has been predetermined. However, there is no reason to feel boxed in. Not only are there multiple shades of pink, there are endless other colors available for creating a custom design scheme. For example, selecting fuchsia with white will be dramatically different from a soft pink with black.


Color can be exciting, but there are other important details to look into when designing an announcement.  Should you include a textured background or use background patterns, such as stripes or polka dots? Often times, a baby photo can be used as the background. It adds a nice touch to the design.

The Importance of Lettering

Selecting the right font has a significant impact on the design. Possibilities including varying the font style, playing with the font size and using a monogram as the initial letter. Play around with the different fonts and colors to determine which looks best with the rest of the design. Choosing a silver or gold color for the fonts can look especially striking.

Other Detail Options

You can add some pizazz by including accents, such as dividers, symbols, or stylized borders. Such details can also be used to highlight key information such as your baby girl’s name and weight. Use of strong contrast or unexpected color combinations can be fun and add character to the design.

Don’t forget that friends and family will treat the baby announcement as a keepsake. Design it with that fact in mind. Because some may want to keep them as a memento of this special occasion, it is important to have them made with premium paper or card stock.

At Printsocial, we offer a variety of printing options for your custom baby announcement that will result in the highest quality print. You’ll be proud of the design years later when showing off the family scrapbook to family and friends. Some of our printing options include Glossy UV Coated, Velvet Laminated, Silk Laminated, natural, Uncoated and Pearl Metallic.
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