Get your craft brewery noticed by printing marketing materials.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Craft Brew with Print

It’s peak brewery season, and craft breweries across the United States are continuing to boom. According to Beverage Dynamics, craft beer has surpassed 10% of the overall country’s beer industry for the first time since Prohibition. With smaller breweries continuing to pop up, it’s even more crucial to make sure your brewery stands out from the crowd. Below are some marketing material essentials to best showcase your brew.

Advertise your local brewery to build an audience.

Poster Printing

Breweries are no longer simple venues for you to down a few🍺. They’re the new hotspot for yoga classes and trivia nights, the finishing line for brewery run clubs, and the hosts for local pop-up shop events, mini-concerts, and chili cook-offs. With all of the available activities now available at breweries, it’s essential to get the word out. Posters are a great way to advertise around your community. Collaborate with local photographers or graphic designers to come up with captivating images for your next shindig.

Custom Business Cards 

The competition is only going to get stronger in the microbrewery world, so it’s crucial for your business card to excite future business partners and customers. Your custom business cards should give them the promise of something better than the larger brewers while, at the same time, displaying your beautiful uniqueness compared to other smaller breweries.

Marketing with print materials for local brewery is crucial to make sure your brewery stands out from the crowd. From custom business cards to stickers, they essential for any brewery.

Menu Cards (Rack Cards)

Menu cards are the perfect canvas to highlight images of your craft brew selection and brewery’s amenities while tying in crucial detail such as hours of operation, beer menu, event calendar, and more. Custom rack cards are ideal to place in locations with lots of foot traffic, and they can be shared easily by handing out at events and festivals of all sizes.

Custom Stickers

Make it easy for people to show brand pride. Logo stickers are always a hit, especially at festivals. While some may opt to cover themselves in stickers during the event, others collect them as souvenirs from your experience, sticking them on laptops, coolers, binders, bicycles, and even on the back of vehicles.

Showcase your brewery’s unique personality with a bit of marketing flair.