Green stamped foil business card printed by Printsocial.

How to Enhance Your Business Card with Stamped Foil

Printing business cards continue to be effective marketing tool and are often handed out during introductions and networking events. They can be stylish and fun and still have the ability to grab the attention of potential customers and clients quickly and easily.

First impressions means everything. It can be crucial for you and your business brand. So, why not enhance your business card by including Stamped Foil? This gives them a shiny and astonishing look to selected areas of the design that will receive the metallic foil.

Generally, when looking into adding Stamped Foil, common colors that come to mind are gold and silver. At Printsocial, we offer nine unique color choices to allow you and your brand to stand out. Select from silver, gold, hot pink, pink, copper, green, red, blue and black.

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When including stamped foil into your design, each card ordered can only receive one color of foil. For example, we are not able to print a foil stamp job with blue on the front of the card and include gold on the back. Note: if you’re interested in adding more than one foil color, please look into our inline foil business cards.

Below are some examples of our printed products with stamped foil.

Here is an example of a business card with blue stamped foil. We offer nine different stamped foil colors to enhance your business card.

  • Blue Stamped Foil

This is a business card with black stamped foil printed by Printsocial.

  • Black Stamped Foil

Enhance the look of your business card by including stamped foil into the design. We offer two pink foil; traditional soft pink and hot pink.

  • Pink and Hot Pink Stamped Foil

This is an example of a Silk Laminated Business Card with Silver Stamped Foil and Spot UV

  • Silver Stamped Foil

Creating a business card can be very personal and an important decision. Our in-house graphic designers are here to help. Complete our online graphic design from to get started.

Stamped Foil Products:

  • Business Cards
  • Hang Tags
  • Postcards

Looking to receive samples? Please complete our online form to receive a free sample packet. The following products are available in our sample packet: business cards, hang tags, postcards, bookmark, stickers and more. They can be printed on a variety of paper stock and print options, including Spot UV, Glossy and Inline Foil.

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