How to Use Pinterest for Inspiration

From sports to wedding ideas, Pinterest is the go-to for the latest trends and creative ideas. Dubbed “the world’s catalog of ideas” on its website, Pinterest has been in business since 2010.

Whether you’re designing your wedding invitation or choosing the stock for your baby shower cards, Pinterest offers a plethora of inspiration.

Color Trends and Design

Announced earlier this year on Pantone’s website, the 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery (Pantone 15-0343). A “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade,” the color is viewed as nature’s neutral and a symbol of new beginnings.

Simple greenery weddings and illustrated green leaves are an anticipated wedding trend for this spring and summer. You can expect designs incorporating tropical foliage, rustic wreaths, romantic garland, and a mixture of succulents.

Floral is also expected to be highly welcomed in 2017, especially for outdoor, boho and vintage themed weddings.

Luxurious metallic touches are expected to make a comeback this year. Inline or stamped foil for borders and flourishes are the perfect way to incorporate this trend. Printsocial offers nine inline foil options and numerous metallic stamped foil options for your printing needs.

Themes and Color Palettes

With so many wedding color palettes and themes out there, it can become a challenge to select the perfect one to set the mood. With the help of Janie Kliever’s article, “100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them to Your Designs,” I found five color combinations for some popular wedding themes.


Using warm, grayish undertones makes the cooler greens contrast nicely for a nature-themed wedding. This invitation was inspired by #4 “Crisp& Dramatic” artwork on Kliever’s page.

Using warm, grayish undertones makes the cooler greens contrast nicely for a nature themed wedding.


The berry and yellow-green shades contrast nicely with the neutral tones of gray, making for a lovely spring color palette. This invitation was inspired by #15 “Birds & Berries” artwork on Kliever’s page.

Examples of garden colors for your next print project.


Try using warm and cool colors in both bright and subdued shades. This color palette below is perfect for a tropical destination wedding. This invitation was inspired by #12 “Surf & Turf” artwork on Kliever’s page.

Tropical color examples fro your next print project.


This palette of neutrals creates a shabby chic and rustic feel. This invitation was inspired by #80 “Shabby Chic Neutrals” artwork on Kliever’s page.

Example of rustic colors for your next print project.


The neutral brown and warm gray combined with the rose and honeysuckle create a lovely vintage theme. This invitation was inspired by #68 “Vintage Charm” artwork on Kliever’s page. 

Vintage Color Palette from Pinterest

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