Creative Uses for Yard Signs

InkTank: Yard Signs

Yard signs may be a throwback to those dreaded days when your parents made you wake up at the crack of dawn to start rolling out the goods for the Saturday morning yard sale. While yard signs are ideal for neighborhood second-hand shopping, they pack so much more potential.

Not Your Mama’s Yard Signs

  • Direct Party Guests 

    Whether you’re hosting a summer pool bash, Gatsby themed dinner party, or awesome baby shower, yard signs are the perfect festive touch. Direct guests to your awesome shindig with a creative sign. Incorporating an insta-worthy photo will get your guest talking before they even arrive.

Direct Your Guests with Yard Signs

  • Food Trucks and Pop-Up Shops

    When it comes to promoting small businesses, yard signs are advertising gems. They’re great for hanging in storefronts or planting outside your business with our h-stake stands to draw those passing by. What if your business is constantly on the move? Do you tweet your location? If so, yard signs are perfect for placing in high-traffic areas to let potential clients know when and when to find you.

Promote with Yard Signs

College Graduate Yard Sign

  • Nonprofits & Charities 

    Coordinating a 5k race? Hosting a charity auction or volunteering at a golf tournament? Our yard signs are the perfect directional tool to keep your racing participants on track, guide your auction attendees to their parking spot, or showcase your sponsors. We know you love to give back to your community, and Printsocial does too! We give a 5% of every sale to the non-profit, church, or fundraising organization of your choice.

Thank You Sign

Yard Sign Perks

  • Durable  Our yard signs are made of coroplast, a strong corrugated plastic sheet that’s stain resistant, waterproof and boasts a high tolerance for hot and cold temperatures, making it ideal for year-round use. ☔️❄️☀️
  • Affordable  Yard signs are extremely cost-effective to share your message to a wide audience. Our 18’’ x 12’’ 4mm White Coroplast sign currently starts at $9 each, and our 10mm 12’’ x 18’’ Coroplast sign currently starts at $12 each.
  • Easy Set-Up  Due to the size and materials used, our yard signs are lightweight, making them easy to transport and store when not in use.

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