InkTank: 8 Unconventional Ways to Use Door Hangers

Most commonly, door hangers are known as a great way for local businesses to reach residents in their area. We have all received the local pizza menu or alarm system flyer. But did you know that door hangers have many other uses as well? Here are just a few ideas we came up with!

Printed Door Hangers and Their Uses

  • Is your community having a neighborhood party or event? Let your residents know with a little note of their door.
  • Have an appointment at someone’s home, but they are not there when you arrive? Leave them a little note saying that you are sorry you missed them.
  • Run a Bed & Breakfast or hotel? Door hangers are great for not only “do not disturb” notes, but also communicating the morning menu or even taking their order.
  • Own a store with a dressing room? Place a door hanger on the changing room door notifying others that space is occupied.
  • Another idea for a clothing store owner, or even a dry cleaner, would be to hang the tags on your hangers. Maybe they have a thank you for purchasing note or they alert the customer of a sale.
  • The hole of a door hanger can fit around water bottle tops for giveaways or around other products like lotions and beer bottles.

Custom Door hangers can be printed for many reasons. We've listed a few unconventional ways to use them.

  • Door hangers are great for parking passes too. Just hang the paper on your mirror and the onlookers outside will see where you need to park, where you are allowed to drive, or even who you are there to pick up. Companies can give these to vendors that notify security that they are allowed to park in designated areas. Or… I have one that I hang on my mirror for when I pick up my kids from school. I’ve written my daughters names on it and the school parking attendant knows exactly who to call for me.

And as always, don’t forget the coupons. If you have a special offer going on, people need to know about it. We love a good deal, so you can leave your coupons on my door anytime!

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