Introducing Painted Edge Business Cards

Ready to take your business card game to the next level? Printsocial is excited to release its 32PT Uncoated Painted Edge card.

This creative and daring card breaks the mold of the traditional card, offering a blast of color along its edges. Using thick 32PT card stock, we’re offering  a variety of color options.

Pearlescent Colors: Gold, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple and Yellow.
Standard Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Turquoise, Orange and Pink.

The cards are also available with white unpainted edges. At this time, Painted Edge business cards are 2”x 3.5” with standard corners and come in quantities of 250 and 500.

Infographic for Edge Painted Business Cards

Crushing Our Competition

We’re dedicated to bringing you guys high-quality and affordable products. For $69, we’re offering the single sided card, while our double sided card is priced at $89. Currently, our competitors such as Oubly offer cards for $119, and Thikit’s cheapest painted edge card comes in at a whopping $127.08. Printsocial’s standard production is 2-4 business days.

Pinterest Fails

Pinterest and other DIY sites claim that making painted edge business cards are a piece of cake. While there are those who may attempt to replicate our methods, our Painted Edge business cards offer a superior alternative to messy DIY attempts.

Painted Edge business cards offer a fun, unique and modern alternative. Whether building relationships with customers or networking with colleagues, the Painted Edge business card is guaranteed to make you stand out.

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Stephanie Wendt

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