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During the day, Mandy works as an office manager for a construction company. But in the evenings, she delves into her true passion—theatre. After business hours, Mandy runs a small theatre company, performing and directing plays throughout her community.

Self-promotion is crucial in order to run a successful side hustle.

Over the past few years, Millennials have developed their own “side hustles.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a side hustle is an alternative way to make extra money and allows you the flexibility to pursue an interest or passion of yours. It offers you the chance to delve into what you care about without having to quit your day job. Mandy is just one of many who have chosen to incorporate a side hustle into her life.

Self-promotion is crucial in order to run a successful side hustle. By combining print marketing with digital, you’re sure to crush it. Printsocial offers all of your print essentials.

Business Cards

Whether you’re tutoring your college peers or running a jewelry shop, business cards are perhaps the most important tool in your marketing toolkit. Business cards are like a handshake, and you want yours to showcase your personality. Printsocial gives you the chance to express your creative side; from Pearl Metallic to Matte, we’ve got you covered with over 20 different stocks and finishes. You also have the option to select square, slim and oval shaped cards, and some have the option of rounded or square corners.


Kristin is an engineer by trade, but jewelry making is her side hustle. Most of Kristin’s jewelry business is online. However, she wants to increase her presence in her city by participating in pop-up events around the area. To make her booth truly standout, Kristin should check out Printsocial’s diverse banner selection. Banners are an easy and quick way to announce your business and message. Choose from our 8oz Mesh Outdoor to our 10mil Premium Matte Indoor Banner. All banners are printed on durable vinyl with the option to include grommets or hems, allowing Kristen to hang the banner securely.

Print Marketing Materials are essential for Etsy Shop Owners

Rack Cards

From plays and musical performances to calligraphy, custom rack cards are an easy and cost-effective way to promote your business. Rack Cards are ideal for handing out and placing in areas with lots of foot traffic. They offer a layout that’s great for calendars, events, and price lists. Printsocial offers a variety of card stocks and finishes to create the perfect promotional material.

Printing rack cards are ideal for handing out when marketing your calligraphy side hustle.

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Elizabeth Heffner

Elizabeth enjoys traveling, indulging her inner foodie and trying new restaurants, and exploring Charlotte’s cultural arts scene.