Business Cards and Trading Cards are great for Mommy Cards. These cards are important and each parent should have some on hand.

What are Mommy Cards? Why Every Parent Needs One

A couple of weeks ago, my six-year-old came home from school and said there was a new girl in her class. She asked if it would be ok to play with her on the weekend. So the next day, I sent a post-it note to school with her with my phone number on it. It felt very cheesy.

Here I am, working for this great online print company, and I don’t have anything cute/professional-looking that contains my personal information. I changed that the next day. That’s when I thought about mommy cards, a creative way to use business cards.

Mommy Cards”(Mommy business cards, Mommy calling cards or trading cards) have been around for years; this isn’t a new concept by any means, but I can tell you that since I’ve had my own, I have gotten so much use out of them! I’ve set up play dates with school friends, handed out to other moms we meet at the park, given to acquaintances at church, given to other parents on their sports teams… the list goes on and on. I genuinely feel that our social interaction with other parents and children has grown because I now have something to hand out. And, it’s been a great conversation starter!

Content for Your “Mommy Card?”

The first thing is to think about is how you are going to use the card. Where do you see yourself giving it out? What information do you want these people to have about you? If you are going to be handing it out to strangers you meet at the park, maybe you leave off your home address and just put your phone number and email address.

If the card is going to people you feel more comfortable with; maybe you include your Facebook or Twitter handle. If you want to send them with your child to sleepovers and other events where you won’t be present, maybe you put your child’s medical information on it – especially if they have food allergies or special needs.

How Do You Design a “Mommy Card?”

Some custom Mommy Cards are kept very simple with just a couple lines of information while others include photos of you &/or your child. Some cards express the personality of the parent while others show off the fun nature of the child. This can be done by showing their favorite sports, favorite colors, a photo of them doing their favorite activities; I’ve even seen many cards with family photos too.

Some "Mommy Cards” are kept very simple with just a couple lines of information while others include photos of you &/or your child. Some cards express the personality of the parent while others show off the fun nature of the child.

I would recommend keeping the card small: Business cards or trading card sizes are best. You can keep it very simple, or you can have some fun with it by adding Spot UV, Foil or rounding the corners.


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