At Printsocial, we understand the importance to reach new customers. We discuss the importance of print and how it can benefit your business marketing plan.

Useful Tips on Why Print Continues to Be Effective

We all know that online presence for a business continues to be an important element for business of any size, but it can ultimately be overlooked. But when it comes to establishing an effective marketing plan, it is just as important to include the appropriate print product.

Why? Not only can it help maximize the exposure and reach of your business, it can additionally increase ROI for all the marketing dollars spent.

Print continues to be an influence on purchasers’ decisions, even with all the technology within the consumers’ reach everyday (internet, podcast and more). Unlike online, print allows consumers to “put their hands on something” that’s considered tangible. Some print items that will grab their attention can include cost-effective rack cards,  presentation folders, EDDM® postcards, flyers, beautiful business cards, roll labels and more. We offer a variety of paper stock and printing options to make sure they grab potential customers attention. Receive a free sample packet.

Below are some reasons why a business shouldn’t overlook the power of print for your marketing initiatives.

Print is versatile and engaging, making it an ideal marketing tool. Additionally, print is a great way for a business to show their creativity. How? It can be done easily with a creative design that may include print options such as Inline Foil, Spot UV, Stamped Foil, and more.

With print, you have a better opportunity to build a strong relationship with consumers since it’s easier to target them based on their location and their needs. This can be done by including general business information, product specials, event schedules, promotion offers to your EDDM® postcards, custom door hangers and other print materials.

When a customer has a print advertisement in their hands, it demands their attention, making them focus on the message you want to pass along to them. A study conducted recently showed that customers that read print advertisements increased their engagement longer than if reading the same message online. Content online is often viewed in 15 seconds. Print is much longer.

Print continues to be an extremely powerful marketing tool, and at Printsocial, we can help create your perfect product.

Kevin Druckenbrod

As the SEO / Content Manager at Printsocial, Kevin works closely with the entire team to focus on creating informative and engaging content. Kevin is passionate about everything related to SEO. When he's not working, you can find him exploring new places in and around North Carolina. Kevin is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers, craft beers, and grilling.