Marketing Tips for Food Truck Owners

The Best Way to Successfully Market Your Food Truck

Looking to grab a quick bite to eat? Food trucks are the #trending eatery for foodies.

These restaurants on wheels are commonplace across the country now. According to columnist John White at Inc. Magazine, food trucks are projected to be a $2.7 billion industry in 2017. That’s fourfold from where it was back in 2012 when food trucks began their mainstream appearance. 

With the popularity of food trucks continuing to rise, the competition has become even fiercer. Television shows such as Food Truck Face Off and The Great Food Truck Race have taken off. That’s why it’s essential to have the tools that’ll make your food truck capture the most customers.

Marketing for Food Truck Owners

Rack Card Printing

Rack Cards are perfect to showcase your menu items while tying in crucial details such as your usual locations for the month and social media platforms. These cost-effective rack cards are great for highlighting monthly promotions and are easy to hand out. Put them on picnic tables during food truck rallies or place one in the bag with a customer’s order.

Printing Business Cards

Business cards don’t have to be cut and dry. Get creative! They are the perfect compact billboard for your company. In addition to traditional contact information, you can add your social media handles. Encourage your customers to tweet and Instagram their foodie experience with you. When posting your content, think of other hashtags that would be applicable outside of your food truck’s name. For example, if your specialty is Mexican street fair, engage on #tacotuesdays. By doing so, this will increase your probability of coming across during a search. Include your location in hashtags as well.

You can also utilize the back of your business card as a canvas for loyalty points. Reward loyal customers with small incentives, such as a stamp for every $5 spent, leading up to a free meal combo.

Encourage Clients to Post Food Pics with Business Cards


Stickers are a fun and creative way to advertise your brand. Add your logo along with your Twitter or Instagram handle. These stickers can be put on anything, from skateboards to laptops on college campuses, giving your traveling truck maximum exposure.