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The Best Marketing Tips for a Successful EDDM® Campaign

Often referred to as Every Door Direct Mail®, EDDM® is service provided by the USPS®. These postcards provide an exceptional marketing tool for any size business: small, medium or large.
Whether a business wants to reach new customers in a business setting or residential area, implementing a postcard campaign can create a lot of leads. Did you know 77% of that mail is sorted and reviewed by homeowners and about 47% of the mailings are opened?

We will discuss several marketing ideas that can improve and help the success of an EDDM® postcard campaign.

Create a Marketing Strategy

When deciding on an Every Door Direct Mail® campaign, there are an array of factors that should be looked into a marketing plan or strategy. First, establish some goals for your campaign. Select a date for the campaign to run and look into the demographics for the mailing area. With EDDM®, you can either select by mailing route or by zip code. Decide on the number of mailers you will send out during the campaign or break it down to multiple campaigns with different areas targeted. Send up to 5,000 postcards a day per location.

By creating a marketing strategy, you should be able to measure and assemble the results of the campaign. Measuring the results can help a business owner adjust certain variables that may help the next campaign, resulting in more foot traffic and revenue.

Include a Discount or Offer

Discuss a plan with your marketing team and develop a promotional offer, savings coupon or discounted service. The special offer can reflect a time when the customers can use the discount, promotional item or use the coupon. The offer should be easily displayed not only to entice the consumer but allow them to respond quickly. Having a strong call-to-action, a business may notice a higher response rate from customers.

We've listed some helpful tips on creating an effective EDDM® postcard.

Premium EDDM® Postcards

It is important to create an effective Every Door Direct Mail® postcard. Design a vibrant theme or colors that are constant with the businesses brand identity to make an impact. As mentioned above, a call-to-action is important, so make sure you have incorporated that into the design. Having a great design and including an offer can influence potential customers to inquire about products, services or business incentives. At Printsocial, we offer premium paper stock with printing options including Spot UV, Glossy UV, Matte, 100LB Gloss and others.

Mailing Strategy

Remember, you can send up to 5,000 postcards per location. This means you have the opportunity to have your business, product or service in front of those who matter most. With EDDM®, there is no need to purchase a mailing list or purchase leads. Through the USPS®, businesses can use their web-based tool to research areas to deliver their campaigns. Quickly and easily target a specific area or by selecting a zip code. There is an option to have the Every Door Direct Mail® postcard mailed to both commercial establishments or residential addresses. But, a campaign can specifically target for business establishments or just residents only.

Target neighborhoods effectively with our EDDM® mapping tool.

Full Service Every Door Direct Mail

Just recently, we launched our latest service: Full-Service EDDM®. What is this? You now have the ability to send out high-quality postcards from the comfort of your computer to potential customers. That includes postage! Watch our Full-Service EDDM tutorial video and find out how easy it is to use this service.

With an effective and well-designed postcard, a business can attract a lot of attention by including an EDDM® campaign. With professionally printed postcards, not only will the revenue increase, new customers can increase too.