Learn how full service EDDM can help grow your business by reaching potential customers.

What is Full Service EDDM®? Learn More About This New Service

Recently at Printsocial, we have launched the USPS’s® Full-Service EDDM® printing. You have the option to select Print Only or Full Service EDDM®. By choosing full-service EDDM®, you now can send premium quality postcards from your computer to customer’s mailboxes as little as 26¢ per home. This includes postage! It’s easy to put your local business in front of people who matter the most with oversized postcards. A recent study found large postcards received a 4.25% response rate!

With full-service EDDM®, there is no mailing list, no paperwork, no sorting or mailing, no USPS® account needed, and no mail permit required. Additionally, there’s no need to deliver those heavy boxes of postcards to the post office. At Printsocial, we handle everything: print, processing, and delivery to the post office. To learn more, make sure you watch our video tutorial.

What does It include?

  • Route selection and on-site mapping tool.
  • USPS®processing.
  • USPS® paperwork.
  • Postcard bundling.
  • Facing slip insertion and preparation.
  • Packaging and delivering to the Post Office.\

Target neighborhoods effectively with our easy to use EDDM® mapping tool.

Advantages and Cost Savings:

  1. No shipping charges – You can save $20 – $90 or more per postcard order.
  2. No sales tax – You can save $20 or more per postcard order.
  3. Full-Service postage is only 16¢ compared to 17.6¢ — That’s a saving up to $80 per EDDM® order

We still offer Print Only EDDM®. Below we break down what’s included in Print Only EDDM®.

Print Only

  • We print the EDDM® postcards and ship them to you.
  • You’ll need to create an account here and choose your mailing routes.
  • Fill out all USPS® paperwork and pay for the postage.
  • You’ll prepare the route bundles with the facing slips provided.
  • You deliver your postcards to the post office.

Get Started

The process is simple. All you’ll need to do is upload your files, review your orders and complete the checkout. That’s all you’ll need to do. We handle everything else: print, process, and delivery to USPS®. If you need help with your files, we’ll be happy to help. You can contact us by completing our form or click the chat icon to get started.

Get started today and place your local business in front of people who matter the most.

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