College Grads Use Business Cards

Why College Students Need Business Cards

Whether you’re a recent college grad or you’re wrapping up your final collegiate semester, it’s important to dive into the job hunt prepared. In this digital age, it may be hard to fathom that business cards are still relevant. Well, I’ve got news for you; print isn’t dead.

By combining tech-savvy knowledge and custom business cards, you’re sure to stand out among your fellow competitors.

Using them during networking and social events give you a huge advantage. Here’s how:

Benefits of Student Business Cards

1) While it’s nearly impossible to find someone without a smartphone, that doesn’t mean it’s easier or faster to share your contact information. Instead of typing his or her information in on the spot, you can hand someone a business card, and this gives the person the opportunity to plug in your information at his or her convenience.

2) They continue to be personable. Engaging in eye contact and cultivating a conversation is key for starting a strong business relationship. It’s better to create that personal interaction by handing out a physical business card.

3) These 2″ x 3.5″ cards give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity.  It can be hard to show diversity by simply texting your contact information or only sending an invite via LinkedIn. Make sure your custom business cards stand out; don’t be afraid to use unique color combinations, styles or finishes. If you’re looking to give your cards a playful edge, our Painted Edge Business Cards gives off a pop of pearlescent color or standard color. If you’re wanting to add a special feature, explore our Matte with Spot UV Cards, which offers a spot gloss feature against a dull matte stock. Unique business cards stand out; your card is a physical representation of your self-branding. When a prospective employer or colleague takes away your card from an encounter, your brand stays with them.

Student business cards are important when attending college.

4) You can use them to promote your online presence. When thinking about a business card design, make sure you include your name and contact information. However, your contact information doesn’t have to stop at your email and phone number. Does your Instagram showcase your creative side? Perfect, you can add your handle. However, make sure your content is appropriate for professional use. Any professional websites or online portfolios are also extremely beneficial.

Remember, your card is one of your key marketing tools. When you meet a professional at a networking or social event, you’ll be able to exchange business cards with confidence.

Printing business cards can be a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for affordable, unique, and socially responsible business cards, check us out! We offer a wide variety of different styles and finishes.

We’re dedicated to making a difference; because of this, we donate a minimum of 5% of our gross revenue to charity organizations and fundraising efforts of your choice. Feel good about your purchase; Print with Purpose.

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