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Shelter Health Services

Shelter Health Services provides free healthcare to uninsured, medically indigent, homeless women and children living in poverty and staying at the Salvation Army Center of Hope shelter.

Our clinic is located in the shelter, where the women and children who need healthcare the most, yet have the lease access, live.
Most of our clients do not have Medicaid so the network of Medicaid services and providers are not available to them. Most earn less than 85% Federal Poverty Level so fee-for-service and sliding scale clinics are unaffordable. All of our healthcare services are provided free to shelter residents. For them, our clinic is truly their only source of healthcare.

We receive no funds from the Salvation Army, United Way, Medicaid, Medicare, state of North Carolina or the federal government. Corporate and employee payroll deductions are virtually nonexistent due to the exclusivity the United Way has with companies. We rely on grants supplemented by donations from faith, professional and community groups, a hand-full of companies, the generosity of individuals and fundraising programs like this.

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Phone: 704 334-2235
Email: msowyak@gmail.com
Website: www.shelterhealthservices.com