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Supportive Housing Communities

Our Vision Our vision is to develop and operate permanent supportive housing for men, women and families overcoming homelessness, especially veterans and those with mental illness, substance abuse, and medical or other disabling conditions. Our Goals Supportive Housing Communities (SHC) is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Homeless Services Network.
Our target population is homeless men, women and families with disabilities. Special needs requiring services include: mental illness, physical disabilities, developmental difficulties, chronic substance abuse history, and medical health issues.

Our goals are:
* to assist residents in obtaining/remaining in permanent housing
* to encourage residents to increase skills and/or find employment
* to foster self-sufficiency and improve self-image
* to support recovery and wellness Who We Are Supportive Housing Communities provides a permanent, supportive home for its residents.

Most residents rent for more than a year while they are gaining stability in their lives. Some choose to rent at McCreesh Place or scattered site apartments indefinitely, since it is a place which fosters dignity and respect and is a safe haven. Residents have the support they need to rebuild their lives so they will not return to homelessness. Residents, staff, volunteers, partners from other service agencies are all part of Charlotte’s most innovative solution to homelessness. Recent research reveals that it is possible to end homelessness for even those hardest to serve by providing permanent and supportive. housing. Such communities can be cost-neutral compared to emergency shelters and cost-saving when public expenses related to homelessness are considered. 98% of our residents never experience homelessness again.