Excuse Me…Did You Say “Blurple”?

How to avoid Blurple when designing with the color blue.

What is Blurple and how to avoid it. Blurple. It’s a funny word that you may hear quite often as you wander through the halls of Printsocial. But what is it and how can it be avoided? Essentially, Blurple is a combination of blue and purple. It’s when a designer sets up their artwork to […]

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9 Elements for Creating an Effective EDDM® Postcard

We've listed some helpful tips on creating an effective EDDM® postcard.

Throughout the years, we have helped many companies build their businesses by using EDDM®. If you aren’t familiar with this term, it stands for “Every Door Direct Mail®.” This program was setup for the US Postal Service and allows you to choose specific postal routes, in your desired area, and then send a postcard to […]

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