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What is Full Service EDDM®? View EDDM Postcards

Place your local business in front of people who matter the most.

What is Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

Influence the customers that matter the most for less. It’s direct mail made affordable and easy.

  • No mailing list is required
  • No need to address or sort
  • No mailing permit required
  • Large dimensions available and flexible formatting
  • Postage only 16¢ per mailing piece

We provide print only and Full Service EDDM®

Full Service Estimator

Example pricing of our most popular
dimensions and finishes printed double sided:

Full Service price per home as low as:
Includes everything - even postage! .26

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Full Service EDDM®

AnnouncingFull Service Every Door Direct Mail® from Printsocial

You can send premium quality postcards from the comfort of your computer to potential customers mail box for as low as 26¢ per home. This includes postage!

To get started:

  • Select mail routes and an in-mailbox delivery date
  • Upload your design files
  • Look over your order and complete your checkout – includes postage (only 16¢ per home)
  • At Printsocial, we handle everything: print, processing and delivery to the post office.
EDDM® Print Only vs Full Service

Print Only Every Door Direct Mail® from Printsocial

  • 1We print the EDDM® postcards and ship them to you
  • 2You'll need to create an account at USPS.com and choose your mailing routes
  • 3Fill out all USPS® paperwork and pay for the postage
  • 4You'll prepare the route bundles with the facing slips provided
  • 5You deliver your postcards to the post office

Full Service Every Door Direct Mail®

  • 1Choose an in-mailbox date
  • 2Determine and select your mailing route
  • 3Complete the checkout process
  • 4We’ll print, process and delivery your postcards to the post office
EDDM® vs Direct Mail What's the difference

Traditional Direct Mail

Direct mail requires extensive coordination, management, costly mailing list, additional addressing and sorting services.

  • Considerably higher costs overall
  • Postage rates are higher
  • Less efficient for local saturation mailer

  • Demand more time to print, process and deliver

Every Door Direct Mail®

EDDM® offers affordable targeted marketing allowing business to reach the customers that matter the most.

  • Low cost direct mail solution
  • Able to target a specific neighborhood and zip codes
  • Receive discounted flat-rate postage for as low as 16¢ per piece

  • Great for saturation mailing

Choose a finish or style to view product pricing and options:

Glossy UV Coated

Offers a protective Glossy UV coating

Prices as low as .07¢ each


Offers a protective Matte finish

Prices as low as .07¢ each

Spot UV Coated

Make them pop with the addition of Spot UV gloss

Prices as low as .08¢ each

100LB Gloss Cover

Economical postcards that do not disappoint

Prices as low as .08¢ each

Matte w/ Spot UV

Added Spot UV to highlight our Matte finish

Prices as low as .08¢ each

Full Service Templates

Full Service orders must follow specific guidelines and use our indicia.


Print Only EDDM® Templates

Print Only orders use a generic indicia and layout template.


Save Money, Save Time, Get Noticed!

Full Service Every Door Direct Mail® lets you bypass costly mailing lists, cost of processing (such as labeling and ink jetting) and full price on postage. EDDM® is a cost-effective approach for marketing on a budget. Simply select a drop date 30 days in advance and you’ll see your postcard campaign hit doorsteps in days. Mail up to 5,000 postcards a day and saturate a local market and make an impact on nearby customers.

See how it works:

Printing EDDM® Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail® (also called EDDM®) is a mailing service offered by USPS®. This postcard mailing service is a perfect choice for small and local businesses of any size. Every Door Direct Mail® makes it easy for an organization to reach all the homes and every address by easily choosing a definitive mailing USPS® route or zip code (s).

You can use our easy to use mapping tool up to a five-mile radius. EDDM® printing is an easy and cost-effective postcard marketing service to reach potential customers in a target area.

Including this mailing service into your marketing campaign, is a perfect way to advertise on a budget. When looking into Every Door Direct Mail®, you don't need to purchase a mail list, and there is no need for a postage permit as it's not required.

Every Door Direct Mail® Options

We offer a variety of printing options for these oversized postcards. These options include multiple sizes, paper stocks, and finishes (Spot UV, Glossy UV). They are printed on both sides and can be bundled in sets of 50 or 100.

Send up to 5,000 postcards a day. Some businesses use them to advertise a grand opening, promote products and services or include a coupon to increase foot traffic. The opportunities are endless.

Why Use EDDM®?

There is a variety of business that may benefit by using this cost-effecting postcard marketing program. Some of these businesses include auto dealers, restaurants, real estate agents, attorneys, dry cleaners, nonprofit organizations, law firms, dentists, salons and spas and so many more. EDDM® printing allows business to easily advertise events, announce a grand opening, highlight services, and products, or promote school functions and events. Often, business includes a coupon to increase foot traffic. If you would like to learn more about this service can benefit you, please contact us, we'll be happy to help!

Upload Your Design

It's time to upload your design. Make sure you read our FAQ section. You'll find great information and recommendations for correctly uploading your files and artwork. We’ll make sure your print files are properly uploaded to ensure the best quality. It’s recommended that you save your file as a PDF (preferred), jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif, or ai and with fonts outlined. Questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to assist you through the entire ordering process.

Turnaround Times

We require orders to be placed and processed eight business days before the estimated “in mailbox date.”