Enhance your custom business card by including spot UV. Highlight a logo, image or pattern.

How to Enhance Your Print Products with Spot UV

Are you looking for a way to enhance your next set of custom business cards or other print materials to the next level? Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? Well, it can be done by adding  Spot UV (also referred to as Spot Gloss and Spot Varnish) into your next print design.

Adding Spot UV can ultimately change the look of your business cards and other print materials, including presentation folders, postcards, hang tags and more.

What’s Spot UV?

It’s a shiny layer that is added to either the whole card design or certain areas. Following the printing, we apply a clear, Glossy UV coating to the areas selected to receive the Spot UV finish. Some of these areas can be a photo, logo or even blind patterns. Below are few examples of our printed products with Spot UV into the design.

Show off what you have to offer! Presentation folders are great for organizing important information and they are easy to hand out. Add spot UV to the outside or to the pockets of the folder.

Including spot UV on a pattern, logo or text really enhance the design. This is a spot UV postcard used as an a save-the-date.

Enhance your custom printed hang tags by including spot UV into the design.

Not sure how to incorporate Spot UV into your print design? No problem! One of our customer service representatives will be happy to help.

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Stephanie Wendt

Stephanie is the Online Marketing Specialist at Printsocial. In her free time, this Super Mom enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and serving as the reigning Coupon Queen.