Rustic and Chic Kraft Hang Tags

Featured Stock: 18PT French Kraft

Dare to be different with our unique 18PT French Kraft Paper Stock.

This specialty paper’s light brown stock features 30% recycled material, natural fibers, and subtly visible flecks, giving it a natural and organic appearance and texture.

18PT Kraft Business Cards contain 30% recycled materials.

Our 18PT French Kraft Paper Stock is the perfect touch to add to handmade goods, organic products,  invitations, and outdoorsy items. 18PT French Kraft hang tags are perfect for highlighting handmade clothes, jewelry, food items, and accessories as well as labeling mason jars. 18PT French Kraft business cards are great for folk and bluegrass musicians, local artisans, and staff members at outdoor/adventure attractions. This stock is perfect for creating memorable save-the-dates and invitations. The card stock can aid in adding a vintage and rustic chic feel for weddings. 

18PT French Kraft Save the Dates. This trendy and elegant paper provides a beautiful and rustic presence.

Its uncoated finish provides excellent print quality, and the colored stock adds a warmth and rustic appeal to the images. Optional white ink can be applied in specific areas or all over, giving you the flexibility to add contrast and to have colors pop. In order for ink colors to print opaque the white ink will need to be printed under them, otherwise, the brown paper will show through slightly. 

Because this paper is recycled and colored, there may be a slight color variation due to the materials utilized in the manufacturing process. In addition, the paper’s fleck will vary between sheet to sheet as well as press run to press run. If you have any questions about our 18PT French Kraft paper stock, one of our awesome customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.