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4 Creative Alternatives for Using Trading Cards

Print trading cards are an affordable and fun way to advertise or announce something, whether it’s for family and friends or co-workers and clients. Traditionally, they are used for sporting events, sports teams, and for promoting a business’s products and services. However, when you think outside the box there are a plethora of untapped uses to print trading cards.

Educational Resources

Educational Trading Cards are a fun and engaging tool for students to learn and retain new vocabulary and information. Typically, you’ll want a vocabulary word and a picture to represent it on the front. On the back, you’ll find its definition as well as other information or facts to help the students remember it.  This is a great learning resource that crosses over all school subjects.

Invitations & Save-the-Dates

Looking for a non-traditional approach to a birthday invitation? Trading Cards are a great alternative, especially for children’s birthdays. Incorporate the birthday theme into the essential information. Valentine’s Day is another great holiday for trading cards. Get creative with hearts and Cupid to leave your child’s classmates with an adorable Valentine keepsake. Be sure your save-the-dates makes it up on the fridge by taking a creative approach. List your stats as a couple along with the date and location of your ceremony.

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Memorial Services

The death of a loved one is an event that everyone is likely to experience throughout our lifetime. A memento of the departed person is a wonderful way to keep that person’s memory in your thoughts. Our Trading Cards are the ideal size for such a memento. On the front, you can place the person’s name with your favorite photo of them; on the back, add his or her birthdate and death date as well as a meaningful quote or religious verse. This keepsake can easily fit into the program at the memorial service or funeral.

Theatre Performances

Keep your audience engaged long after the curtain falls with cast member Trading Cards. Share a headshot of a cast member along with their name, the character they’re playing, their theater background, and a fun fact about them. These are great to hand out tucked inside the playbill.

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