Creative Uses for Hang Tags

InkTank: Unique Uses for Hang Tags

Hang tags, commonly used as price tags and product information tags, are the latest product to be put under the microscope. How can this little card with a hole be helpful to people outside of their normal uses?

Mason Jar Tags

A customer came to us with an idea for a tea party she was having. She was going to give each of her guestย mason jars that held the ingredients for Sweet Tea. She needed to give them something that held the instructions. We suggested creating a hang tag to be tied to the jar. With a little bit of string added, the gift was complete.

Iโ€™ve had many people over the years give me the jars of cookie mix for Christmas. A little hang tag would be perfect for this type of gift too. You can add the instructions and put a small holiday note, all on the same tag.

Tags for Mason Jars

Gift Tags

It seems like my kids are constantly being invited to birthday party these days. And with so many gifts being given, sometimes it becomes a bit much to also include a card for each gift. So I decided to create gift tags for each of them. Now, each time they have a gift to give, they attach their hang tag with a special note written on the back. Neither tag is birthday themed, so they can be used no matter the occasion. My youngest loves mermaids and my oldest loves Paris, so both tags reflect their interests.Hang Tags Make Great Gift Tags

Bookmarks, Branding, & More

Create jazzed up bookmarks by adding ribbon or string to the end of them. Hang tags are perfect for that. Rather than you having to worry about punching the hole yourself, you can order the hang tag that comes pre-punched.

Another idea that would be great for hang tags is for thank youโ€™s. Businesses constantly are sending out thank you notes and gifts to their customers – thanking them for their business and loyalty. This photo below is a great example of how to spread the love to those who have helped your business grow.

Need a product tag for jewelry? Hang tags are great for that too. Just punch the earrings directly through the hang tag and voila instant branded packaging!

There are a variety of other ways to incorporate the use of hang tags. Use them as bookmarks, jewelry holders and thank you tags. The possibilities are endless.

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