At Printsocial, we offer a variety of wedding invitation printing options. Take a look on how to create a beautiful invitation for your special day.

Share Your Day With Beautiful Custom Wedding Invitations

For a lot of people, the wedding day is considered one of the most important days of their lives. A wedding invitation needs to display the importance of this special day! An invitation should be able to display brief information about the new couple and what guests can expect during the wedding, such as theme and colors.

Wedding Invitation Design Tips

Describe the Style of Wedding

When designing a wedding invitation, this is a great opportunity to offer a “glimpse” of the wedding style or theme to your guests. Additionally, the invitation will include all the important information such as the guest’s name, time and date of event and venue. This opportunity allows your guests to get an idea of what the day will be and dress appropriately. Similar to the wedding day, you want your invitation to be perfect and fit your style.

Selecting the Colors

When planning a wedding, a few colors are chosen during the set-up. These colors often carry through the design process of the wedding invitations, programs, meal menus, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and even the decorations for the ceremony. Keep in mind, it may be challenging to select colors, and it’s important to choose colors that are appealing. We suggest a light paper stock (natural paper) with a classic dark font, or a rustic and beautiful kraft paper. Both of these cards contain 30% recycled materials making them an eco-friendly option. Plus, we also offer an elegant stock such as pearl metallic. Any of these three cardstocks will become a beautiful wedding invitation!

Sizes and Printing Options

This is an excellent opportunity for couples to show their creativity. We offer a large selection and variety of printing options including Glossy Coated, Gloss Laminated, Matte and even our 32PT thick ModCard in a large selection of sizes.

Make Sure it’s Legible

It can be easy to select fonts that are different than standard fonts for the invitation. You don’t want to create a beautiful design that guests are unable to read and understand. You’ll want to select fonts that are easy to read such as Serif Fonts and others including Ever After, Birmingham, Archistico and others. Our graphic designer can help select the appropriate font for your design.

Before Mailing

So, you’re ready to mail them out. Make sure you take time to review the invitation. It can be helpful to have others look over it as well. The last thing you want is a wrong venue address, a spelling mistake or other mistakes that may be embarrassing.

Once you have returned from the honeymoon, it’s time to think about writing your thank-you cards. Before you get started, select one of our premium postcards.  They make great thank-you cards. It can be difficult to get started on this task, for good reason.  It’s time consuming, so below we listed some helpful tips.

Don’t Procrastinate

Yes, we have all heard that the etiquette allows a full year for you to send them out in the mail, but don’t stick to that. Make some time as they serve as an expression of gratitude, and additionally, they confirm you received the gift. Think about who you’ll need to send the thank-you cards to first. Everyone has a family member or friend that can get a little anxious about whether their wedding gift was received. So, work on those notes first. Make a goal for yourself. Determine how many you would like to complete and work towards that number.

Check out The Knot blog 10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions Answered for additional important information.

Ask for Help

As we mentioned above, sending out thank-you notes can be overwhelming. Enlist your husband! He can help by writing a few of them as well. Even if you may have better hand-writing, receiving help can do wonders. If writing isn’t his thing, he can still help by placing stamps on the envelopes and even organize your list as you go. By both of you working on them, you may also have some fun!

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