The ModCard is our 32PT thick business card.

Make a Statement with New Thick Business Cards

Today, printing business cards and postcards remain to be an one of the best marketing tools for you and your company. These small (2″x3.5″) marketing tools are great for establishing your business brand. Competition continues to grow, so it’s important to stand out among your competitors.

This can be done by purchasing a well designed business card. We suggest a thick business card called The ModCard. Along with the ModCard, we also provide our 32PT thick painted edge business card.

Thick Business Cards

The ModCard contains three premium uncoated paper stock that’s glued together making these thick business cards 32PT thick. Get noticed with The ModCard,  our thickest stock choice available at a fraction of our competitors. Below, the image displays our prices compared to our competitor offering a similar 32PT thick business card.

ModCard Prices Offered by Printsocial
Besides being 32PT thick, the center stock is black which makes a one-of-a-kind edge and unique look. Below, you can see the edge and thickness compared to our other business cards.

This thick card stock can be purchased as postcards and trading cards.

Stephanie Wendt

Stephanie is the Online Marketing Specialist at Printsocial. In her free time, this Super Mom enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and serving as the reigning Coupon Queen.